Working Groups

What Are Working Groups?

Our ongoing work and key projects are shared across a series of working groups and subgroups. Each working group has a lead councillor and features at least one other councillor. In some cases, local residents or a local group may be invited to be affiliated with a working group, and/or to lead or be a member of a sub group.

A working group is responsible for progressing specific areas of work and projects and for submitting plans, recommendations and proposals related to these to the Parish Council for its consideration. Working groups are not empowered to make decisions on behalf of the Parish Council. This sets them apart from a formal Committee of the Council, such as the Planning Committee, that does act on behalf of the full Council.

Our Working Groups

Full details of our working groups, subgroups and committees can be downloaded here (PDF).

Located in Berkshire and part of the borough of Wokingham, the parish of Swallowfield consists of the villages and settlements of Swallowfield, Riseley, Farley Hill and Stanford End. Swallowfield Parish Council has nine councillors.

Our Community

The Parish of Swallowfield is home to around 2,200 residents and is a welcoming and friendly place to live or work.