Please come and help shape your village


Are you interested in the life of your village, your parish, your local environment, recreational facilities, local transport, planning and housing issues, just a few of the areas where we get involved to help make a difference to our community. 

The Parish Council is nine members of the public.

We have a vacancy - will YOU come and join us?

If yes, or you would like more details, please contact the Parish Clerk - contact details below.

Liz Halson, Parish Clerk


Telephone: 01189 885 929



Do I qualify to stand as a Councillor?

You should be:

  • Aged over 18.
  • A British, Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of any other member state of the European Union.
  • Meet one of the four criteria below:
    • Registered as a local government elector for the parish in which you wish to stand.
    • o Resident for 12 months prior to the day of election - either in the parish or within 3 miles of the boundary
    • o Occupied land or premises for 12 months as owner or tenant - either in the parish or within 3 miles of the boundary
    • o Had a principal place of work - either in the parish or within 3 miles of the boundary

Am I excluded from standing?

You cannot become a Councillor if:

  • You hold a paid office with the Council
  • If you are subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order or an interim order creates disqualification which dates from the judgement or execution and generally ends one year after the relevant order is made

If you have within five years before the election or since election been convicted in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man of any offence and been sentenced to not less than three months imprisonment (whether suspended or not) without the option of a fine.  Imprisonment probably includes any type of custodial sentence.  This disqualification begins when the ordinary period for making an appeal is finally dismissed or abandoned or fails for want of prosecution.

  • You have been disqualified under the Representation of the People Act 1983 (which covers corrupt or illegal electoral practices and offences relating to donations).
  • Previously been disqualified from standing for election to a local authority following a decision of the First-tier Tribunal (formerly the Adjudication Panel for England or Wales)


Located in Berkshire and part of the borough of Wokingham, the parish of Swallowfield consists of the villages and settlements of Swallowfield, Riseley, Farley Hill and Stanford End. Swallowfield Parish Council has nine councillors.

Our Community

The Parish of Swallowfield is home to around 2,200 residents and is a welcoming and friendly place to live or work.