Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG)

Neighbourhood Action Groups (NAGs) are found across the UK and established to help address key issues identified by a community within a specified area. Examples include dealing with burglaries vandalism, graffiti, fly-tipping, dangerous dogs, speeding, vehicles using restricted routes, and parking in prohibited areas.

A NAG is a volunteer group made up of representatives from the community. Whilst not having statutory recognition, the group has sufficient integrity to enable other bodies to comply with all reasonable requests. The group advises and recommends actions to other establishments and is recognised by the authority of the Chief Constable.

Every NAG has three priority profiles - priorities for the neighbourhood policing team to address, with the assistance of NAG members. These are reviewed annually and those outside of the NAG are invited to contribute. NAGs play an important role in neighbourhood policing, helping to provide reassurance and to reduce crime, disorder, disproportionate fear of crime, and local traffic issues.

The local 'Fields' Neighbourhood Action Group covers the areas of:

  • Arborfield Cross
  • Arborfield Green
  • Barkham
  • Farley Hill
  • Finchampstead
  • Grazeley
  • Hyde End Farm
  • Riseley
  • Shinfield
  • Shinfield North
  • Shinfield Rise
  • Sindlesham
  • Spencers Wood
  • Stanford End
  • Swallowfield
  • Three Mile Cross.

A member of Swallowfield Parish Council attends each local NAG meeting. Please contact us if you would like to raise anything at a future meeting. 

For further information, or to contact the NAG, please email

Our Community

The Parish of Swallowfield is home to around 2,200 residents and is a welcoming and friendly place to live or work.