Speedwatch Update

Speedwatch Update

News: 21.02.23

As many of you will have noticed, Speedwatch operations have been suspended over the winter months. This was primarily due to darkness during morning and evening rush hours, our most productive monitoring times. As the days lengthen, and the weather improves, you should expect to see us again by the roadside at various locations around the Parish.

Measured by the number of offenders recorded, our operations last year were very successful. In over six months of monitoring, more than 1,000 vehicles were reported to Thames Valley Police. However, a number of concerns have been expressed about the operation, administration and effectiveness of the scheme.

In January the council met with Matthew Barber, Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley, to discuss these concerns. The meeting was very positive and we are optimistic that significant improvements will be forthcoming. Indeed, some already have.

A Speedwatch forum will be held at Swallowfield Parish Hall in the next month, to update all our Speedwatchers, refresh everyone on technology and procedures, and agree plans for the year ahead. An invitation will be issued shortly. All current operators, and anyone interested in joining our team, are encouraged to attend. Please watch out for an announcement on Facebook, or contact the Parish Clerk, for details.

Cllr Ian Fullerton Planning Chair and Transport Lead

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