Local Bus Service – Update

Local Bus Service – Update

News: 09.01.23

We continue to work with Wokingham Borough Council in relation to the future of our local bus service.

Wokingham Borough Council has today said: “Following the recent retender of local bus services for a number of contracts across the borough, the Council was unsuccessful in securing any valid bids for the contracts beyond March 2023.

"The operators who bid have now been informed of the outcome of the tender process. We are considering our response to this and a report is expected to go to the Executive in February setting out the options.”

Cllr David Lamont, Vice Chair of Swallowfield Parish Council, said: “The current uncertainty will of course be of concern to residents, some of whom really rely on our local bus service, for a range of reasons.

"We remain in ongoing discussions with Wokingam Borough Council and believe that there is a collective will to find a viable, longer-term solution but at this stage nothing is guaranteed.

We will provide further information when available. At present, I would expect that to be in the first half of February.”

Cllr David Lamont, Vice-Chair, Communications Lead and Environment Lead

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